- Poole AgriBusiness is a primary producer of 10-34-0 with manufacturing and storage in 8 locations throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska, and New Mexico.


- 10-34-0 is a non-pressure solution that is well adapted to a wide range of application practices: starter, direct application in pre-plant plow-down programs; injecting or banding in the soil; or applied through irrigation systems; also, a source of Nitrogen and Phosphorus nutrient for waste water treatment, oil spills, used as a fire retardant, and defluorinated as a feed ingredient.

- 10-34-0 is a compatible source of Phosphorus and Nitrogen used as a base solution when making complete mixes. Blending easily with UAN (32-0-0), Ammonium Thio-Sulfate (12-0-0-26), K-Vite Potassium Thio-sulfate (KTS) (0-0-25-17), and various micronutrient products.

- 10-34-0 is frequently used as a starter fertilizer (an ideal N:P2O5 ratio for many crops). Phosphate in 10-34-0 is 100% available and made up of 26% ortho phosphate for immediate uptake and 74% Poly Phosphate which helps protect and extend the availability for crop uptake in a wide range of soil conditions.

- Stable under normal ambient conditions of temperature and pressure

- Increased profit potential
- Improved Phosphate uptake and growth in early, wet, or cold planted acres leading to increase yields.
- Improved dry down of corn allowing for early harvest and basis capture. Reduced drying costs.
- 100% water soluble Phosphate--the form most efficiently utilized by plants.
- Long lasting non-leachable Nitrogen--the Nitrogen is in the Ammonium form, which resists leaching and provides Nitrogen to the plant over a longer period of time.
- Low volatility--form of Nitrogen and Phosphorus that resists volatility.
- Nitrogen and Phosphorus combination improves nutrient intake--ammoniacal form of Nitrogen combined with Phosphorus helps the plants to utilize the Phosphorus more efficiently.
- Helps uptake of micronutrients.

Ammonium Polyphosphate Solution

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