Poole AgriBusiness is a primary producer of K-vite in the western corn belt with manufacturing plant in Dimmitt TX. We have storage at eight Poole owned locations.

A relative newcomer to the liquid fertilizer industry and gaining in popularity because of its versatility on crops and application. It is non-hazardous, clear, blends with all other fluid fertilizers, chlorine free, and applied in crop at the beginning of the reproductive stage (R1) on corn, beans, cotton, and milo when both Potassium and Sulfur are needed in large quantities.

-Improved yields and profit potential.
-Supplies both Potassium and Sulfur
-Delivers two forms of Sulfur, Sulfate and Elemental
-Versatile, can be blended with most clear liquid fertilizers whose pH is above 6
-Applied in any manor except In-Furrow at planting on seed.
-Enhanced Nitrogen utilization and stabilization delaying nitrification.
-Excellent fertilizer for topdressing corn and beans in a dilute solution at the beginning of (R1) growth stage.
-Supplies Potassium which is required by plants to manage water usage. Plants with sufficient Potassium can withstand drought conditions better.
-Potassium Thio Sulfate also exhibits some anti pathogen properties which increases the plants’ ability to resist disease.

Potassium Thio Sulfate

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