Poole AgriBusiness is a primary producer of ATS in the western corn belt with manufacturing plants in Texline TX and Dimmitt TX. We have storage at eight Poole owned locations.

ATS use worldwide is increasing every year due to the reduction of sulfur emissions from carbon-based fuels. More than adequate amounts of sulfur use to be supplied through acid rain, now sulfur must be supplied as a fertilizer. Sulfur is vitally important nutrient in every aspect of life on earth. It is involved primarily in amino acid synthesis but also peptide formation. The nitrogen – sulfur ratio in amino acids (protein) is 7 – 1. So, for every 7 atoms of nitrogen in amino acids there is 1 atom of sulfur. Sulfur is needed throughout the lifecycle but especially during rapid growth events. For example, a 150 bu corn yield requires 30 lbs of sulfur.

Poole Ag’s ATS contains two forms of sulfur, 1) 50% in the sulfate form which is immediately available and 2) 50% in the elemental form which over time is converted to the sulfate form thus providing season long supply of sulfur. ATS is a clear liquid, stable, and non-hazardous. In addition to supplying both nitrogen and sulfur, agronomic studies indicate that ATS when added to UAN stabilizes the nitrogen reducing the loss of nitrogen to both denitrification and volatilization.

-Improved yields and profit potential.
-Supplies both Nitrogen and Sulfur
-Delivers two forms of Sulfur, Sulfate and Elemental
-Versatile, can be blended with most clear liquid fertilizers whose pH is above 6 -Applied in any manor except In-Furrow at planting on seed.
-Enhanced Nitrogen utilization and stabilization.
-Excellent fertilizer for topdressing wheat and barley.

Ammonium ThioSulfate (ATS)

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