Custom Blends

We realize, here at Poole Ag, that farmers, fields, and crop years are different. Thus, at times, requiring a fertilizer blend different from the traditional grades. You’re in luck. Poole Ag specializes in “Customer Service” and one of those services is custom blending of both liquid and dry fertilizer. All of our locations have trained staff to discuss your needs for a special blend whether liquid or dry. We can develop blends based on yield goals, soil test data, or personal needs and help you steer clear of potential problems that sometimes arise from fertilizer blends. Blends can be picked up at any Poole Ag location or we can transport any quantity anywhere in our own fleet of trucks or rail cars.

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Liquid Blends

Nitrogen + Sulfur: Ammonium Thio Sulfate (ATS) plus UAN, common blends include 28-0-0-5, 29-0-0-3 and any other combination. Addition of ATS improves protein synthesis and stabilizes Nitrogen availability.

NPKS + MICROS: Primary components use are 32-0-0, 10-34-0, Potash (KCl) or KTS Potassium Thio Sulfate (K-Vite) for lower salt potassium blends. All the micro- nutrients can also be added both normal and chelated versions. Low Salt, Reduced Salt, and Slow-Release blends plus the addition of Nitrogen Stabilizers are available.

Dry Blends

Dry blends consisting of Urea (46-0-0), MAP (11-52-0), Potash (0-0-60), Ammonium Sulfate (21-0-0-24), Sulfur (0-0-0-85), Zinc Sulfate (0-0-0-17-35), and many other micro-nutrients and stabilized nitrogen.