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Potash contains soluble potassium (K), making it an excellent addition to agricultural fertilizer. It ensures proper maturation in a plant by improving overall health, root strength, disease resistance, and yield rates. In addition, potash creates a better final product, improving the color, texture, and taste of food. Potash, (Potassium Chloride) is a soluble salt mined by either physical extraction or by solution mining through evaporation ponds. Most potash produced worldwide originates in far north latitudes. Canada, Belarus, and Russia account for almost 70% of the production and also proven reserves.

Potassium soil test levels are generally higher in the western corn belt, however, soil test results and yields are declining due to the mistaken idea that potassium is not needed due to the high levels in the soil. Increased yields are regularly achieved especially on sandy soils by the addition of Potash. In addition to dry granular potash, potassium thiosulfate through the center pivot could be an excellent alternative to dry application, suppling potassium at a high demand period of growth. Special care should be considered when forage crops are harvested because of the high potassium demand by these crops.

1. Better moisture management within the plant leading to higher yields in drier year years. The plant uses (K) to manage water use within the cell.
2. Dramatically improves stalk strength thus reducing green snap, and lodging.
3. Improves disease resistance.
4. Increases crop quality factors.

Poole Ag has multiple products, both dry and liquid, that deliver available potassium and will suit you farming practices and needs.