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Fertilizer Zinc Sulfate is a sulfate salt of Zinc. It is water soluble and 100% available and is an excellent source of both Zinc and Sulfur. Zinc Sulfate has a variety of origins from a by-product of another process to being made from reacting Zinc metal with Sulfuric Acid. Zinc as a nutrient is required by all living things but is particularly important for seed production in grass plants (corn, wheat, milo, rice) and tree nuts. Zinc deficiencies are more common on sandy, sandy loam, and organic soils. Also, Zinc becomes less available in high pH soils. Zinc is also necessary for chlorophyl formation, protein synthesis, carbohydrate production, and many enzymes.

Zinc deficiencies can sometimes be hard to identify before yields and negatively impacted. So, it’s important to obtain Zinc levels through a soil test or tissue samples. A 200 bushel per Acre yield level removes 0.33 lbs of Zinc. Maintaining Zinc availability can be difficult especially in the western cornbelt due to high pH levels. Therefore, most soil test recommendations are for 1 lbs of actual Zinc metal per acre to allow for the tie up in the soil. To help ensure Zinc availability, many farmers also include Zinc in their liquid starter program such as chelated Zinc or Ammoniumiated Zinc.

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